Marble puzzle (2015)

Marble Puzzle.  2015


Four pieces of marble   (20 cm x 11,5 cm, 0,8 cm), a old wooden box  (40 cm x 40 cm  x 35 cm) .


Few mounths ago I found  in  a flea market four  piece of  marble, I suppose these pieces  are part of a largest  number of tiles, maybe tiles for  kitchen walls. Couple of days later I started to play with, I was attracted from the beginning by  the veins design of the marble. I started to find occasional joint   between them. After different  trials a draw appeared from the combination of the four pieces. For a  strange coincidences they match somehow,  even if two tiles are  face side  and two back side. Also the sizes of the marble tiles  matchs  on the top of the wooden box where I was working on.