© giovanni casu, 2016


The following texts are extracts from an extended version of something I should call: “on the attempts to try to questioning the possibility to harmonize scientific and philosophical approach to art”. I hope the definitive title will be one day at least more attractive and less pretentious. It is an attempt because this text come to me as the natural development of years of studies and artistic pratices and it can be just a proposition.


I started to wrote it several years ago as a support for my private thinking and for my personal use. Luckily I started to share some of the following considerations with some friends, artists, neuroscientists and philosophers during the project Ecke Project (2010-2012) and their feedback have been more than precious.

It is not a philosophical analysis because I´m not a philosopher and neither a scientific one, because I ´m not a scientist.


What I can say is that I tried (and I´m still trying) to engage this research rigorously, with deep curiosity and with the most intellectual honesty I could. I included also here some of the references of the original and more extended text in order to facilitate verification and to permit to re-walk easily some of the steps I took to advance my hypothesis. Pls feel free to ask me more info about it .


The Text include IV chapters: 1)The theoretical neuroscientific frame: The evolutionary approach to art & the neuroesthetics contribution .2) A philosophical background. 3) Definition of an artwork: an historical overview. 4) An hypotheses on artwork definition. And few pages on Metaphors that bring some interesting consideration on art. I hope there will be a time to share it.


I Hope you will enjoy.