The following texts are natural development of years of studies and artistic pratices. What follow can be just a proposition for motivated readers .


I started to wrote it several years ago as a support for my private thinking and for my personal use. Luckily I started to share some of the following considerations with some friends, artists, neuroscientists and philosophers during the project Ecke Project (2010-2012) and their feedback have been more than precious. It is not a philosophical analysis because I´m not a philosopher and neither a scientific one, because I ´m not a scientist.


What I can say is that I tried (and I´m still trying) to engage this research rigorously, with deep curiosity and with the most intellectual honesty I could. I included also here some of the references to facilitate verification and to permit to re-walk easily some of the steps I took to advance my hypothesis. Pls feel free to ask me more info about it .


I Hope you will enjoy.




When the rising sun, Sardinia, warms your granite

You must give birth to new sons. 2017.


Wax and Clay. 2016.


Pata-archeology. 2016.


About Colours. 2014.


On definitions. 2015.